WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-7000

high strength, impact resistant, residual elasticity

2-component construction adhesive for bonding of plastics

The following materials can be bonded to themselves and among each other with high tensile, sheer and peel strength:

  • plastics (e.g. PVC, ABS, PMMA, fibre glass, phenol)
  • polyurethane
  • epoxies

In addition, WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-7000 can be used as “universal adhesive” for other materials like steel, aluminium, wood, ceramics and many others.

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-7000 features special product-specific characteristics:

  • high tensile, sheer and impact strengths
  • fast curing
  • excellent adhesion on plastic, metal and many other materials
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • resistant to weather conditions and many chemicals
  • grindable and overpaintable
  • wide variety of aplications
  • temperature resistant from –55°C to +125°C, briefly (30 min) up to +180°C 2

WEICON RK Construction Adhesive RK-7000 can be applied universally and is equally suited for below listed areas of application:

  • plastics engineering
  • metal construction
  • car body and vehicle construction
  • fastening technology
  • machine building
  • electrical engineering
  • wood processing
  • container construction
  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • trade fair and exhibition
  • model and mould construction

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-7000 is alternatively available in the practical double syringe or in the modern Easy-Mix mixing and dosing system.

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>> EC Safety data sheet (Overview)


The prerequisite for perfect adhesion are clean and dry surfaces (e.g. cleaning and degreasing with WEICON Cleaner Spray S or WEICON Plastic Cleaner.). The best results are achieved when the surfaces to be bonded are mechanically roughened. The adhesive is applied only on one side.

bead-to-beadDouble syringe 24 g: Resin and hardener are delivered automatically in the right proportions. They are applied alternatively:

  • one bead directly on top of the other (“bead to bead”); parts are then joined with slightly rotating motions, or
  • by mixing both components, for example on one of the surfaces to be bonded; this method guarantees the highest strength.

Double cartridge 50 g: The clean and precise dosing, mixing and application of resin and hardener happen automatically in only one working operation. This ensures the permanent quality and the process stability within a serial production.

2 A temporary thermal load of about +180°C for approx. 30 minutes, e.g. in powder coating, has no influence on the strength.

Important Note:
All specifications, recommendations and techncial data are based on laboratory tests under optimum conditions resp. on practical experience. They have been compiled most carefully. Nevertheless, a claim cannot be derived from them. We therefore recommend to carry out own tests before application. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications.

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