WEICON Plastic Metal BR

putty, bronze-filled, temperature resistant from -35°C up to +120°C

WEICON Plastic Metal BR

WEICON BR, the new product type within the WEICON Plastic Metal range, is particularly suitable for:

  • filling blowholes and rebuilding bronze equipment parts (e.g. ship's propellers)
  • repairs to bronze castings
  • patch-up and rebuilding where brazing is undesirable or impossible

Also bonds strongly to all other metals, such as brass, copper, ferrow metals.

>> Brochure/ Technical data "Plastic Metal"
>> EC Safety data sheets (overview)

Important Note:
All specifications, recommendations and techncial data are based on laboratory tests under optimum conditions resp. on practical experience. They have been compiled most carefully. Nevertheless, a claim cannot be derived from them. We therefore recommend to carry out own tests before application. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications.

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