WEICON Black-Seal

Special Silicone / Adhesive & Sealant

Black-Seal is especially suited for the use in machine construction and engineering as well as for engine and car manufacturing.

It provides excellent adhesion on aluminium, steel, wood, glass, ceramics and many other materials.

Due to its outstanding characteristics like extraordinary pressure absorption and controlled swelling properties as well as the perfect formed-in-place gasketing capacity, Black-Seal offers a variety of leak-proof applications on:

  • engines and water pumps
  • gears and axles
  • oil sumps etc.

even under tough operating conditions.

In addition, Black-Seal distinguishes itself by its high resistance to greases, oils and other liquids used in machine construction and car manufacturing.


  • 85 ml Tube, Art.-No.: 13051085
  • 200 ml Spray-Gun, Art.-No.: 13051200
  • 310 ml Cartridge, Art.-No.: 13051310

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>> EC Safety data sheets (Overview)

Important Note:
All specifications, recommendations and techncial data are based on laboratory tests under optimum conditions resp. on practical experience. They have been compiled most carefully. Nevertheless, a claim cannot be derived from them. We therefore recommend to carry out own tests before application. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications.

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Technical Data:

Black-Seal in non-cured condition:

Basis: 1-K. Acetate
RAL-colour: black 9005 *
Density: 1,28 g/cm³
Viscosity: putty
Processing temperature: +5°C to +35°C (+41°F to +95°F)**
Skin-over time: ca.7 minutes***
Cure speed: 3 mm in the first 24 hours ***
Shelf life (+5°C or +41°F to +25°C or +77°F): 18 months

* Nearly matches the indicated RAL colours.

** If used at low temperatures, cartridges or tubes should be warmed up to room temperature for easier processing.

*** Standard climate: +23°C and 50% relative air humidity according to DIN 50014.

Black-Seal in cured condition:

Shore-A-Hardness (DIN 53505/ASTM D 2240): 35
Elongation to break (DIN 53504/ASTM D 412): >500%
Tensile strength of the pure adhesive/sealant (DIN 53504 /ASTM D 412): 3,5 N/mm² (509 psi)
Temperature resistance: -60°C (-76°F) to +280°C (+536°F), shortly (approx. 2 h.) +300°C (+572°F)

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