Flex 310 RLT

  • 13322310    |    PU: 12
    • Adhesive and Sealant for clean room/ ventilation and air conditioning technology with strong adhesion strength
300 ml grau

Flex 310 RLT is a special one-component adhesive and sealant based on polyurethane, which was developed for the specific requirements of air conditioning/ventilation construction and for cleanroom technology.

Flex 310 RLT complies with the requirements acc. VDI 6022 (sheet 1) and can be used in diverse applications on room air technical systems in buildings and rooms for bondings and sealings of very different materials such as metals, many plastics, ceramics, wood, glass or stone.

Flex 310 RLT is a permanently elastic and strong adhesive, and can be grounded and painted over after curing. The flexible adhesive and sealant cures odourless; it is weather-resistant, has excellent aging stability, is pasty and free of silicone.