Allround solution for sealing leaks

Weicon Allround Sealing Spray

The producer of adhesives and sealants, Weicon, has developed a special spray for sealing micro cracks and welds in indoor and outdoor areas – the Allround Sealing Spray.

Allround Sealing Spray

The spray is a strong adhesive glue, which can seal leakages in various different fields.

For example, it can be used on gutters, sewer pipes and drains, trailers, campervans and boats, roofs and windows, swimming pools and pond liner, cellar or ventilation shafts.

Versatile and easy to apply

The Allround Sealing Spray adheres to nearly every surface, like stone, metal, plastic, wood, or enamel, for example.

It seals cracks and leaks fast and reliably. The spray is paintable and waterproof as well as weather- and UV resistant.

It protects metals from corrosion and is free from bitumen and silicone. It stays highly elastic even during great temperature variations.

Allround Sealing Spray is easy to apply and is completely hardened after approx. two to four hours.

After hardening completely, the elastic protective layer resists even extreme weather conditions and mechanical strain.


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