Cleaner and degreaser for sensitive areas

Weicon Fast Cleaner

Weicon from Germany expands its range of technical sprays with NSF registration by the new Weicon Fast Cleaner. It is a special cleaner which has been developed especially for use in sensitive areas.

NSF K1- and K3 Registration

Weicon Fast Cleaner is NSF K1 and K3 registered for the food industry and can therefore be used as a cleaner and degreaser outside production areas and for removing adhesives in the food and beverages industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Versatile in use

The cleaner is used for the cleaning and degreasing of surfaces to be joined or sealed with adhesives and sealants.
In addition, the spray is suitable for cleaning and degreasing before priming and painting, for cleaning machine parts or before the usage of other chemo-technical products, where a greasy substrate would impair the effect.

Fast Cleaner can be applied on many materials like metal, glass, ceramic and most types of rubber and plastics.

Improvement of workplace safety

Due to its special formulation, Fast Cleaner contributes to the improvement of workplace safety and health protection.


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