Crystal Clear Bondings

Weicon Speed-Flex Crystal

The German manufacturer Weicon is adding a new, extremely fast adhering adhesive and sealant to its range – the crystal clear curing Weicon Speed-Flex Crystal.

Weicon Speed-Flex Crystal is a fast, strong and universally usable power adhesive on a MS polymer basis. Due to its strong adhesive force it replaces conventional fasteners, such as screws, bolts or rivets.
Speed-Flex is pasty and stable and therefore suitable for problem-free bonding even on vertical surfaces both in-house and outside.
The new adhesive and sealant is overpaintable ("wet-in-wet"), non-aging, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and free of silicones, isocyanates, halogens and solvents.

For visual demanding bondings

Because of the crystal clear curing, Speed-Flex Crystal is particularly suitable for transparent joints where the bonding seam should not be seen.
Transparent plastics, acrylic glass or other materials can be bonded fast, clean and attractive among each other.

Versatile in use

Furthermore, Speed-Flex Crystal is suitable for many more materials. Whether metals, plastics, concrete, marble, natural and artificial stone, ceramic, enamel, gypsum, MDF plates, wood, flake or gypsum plaster boards – all these materials can be bonded permanently to themselves and among each other.

Speed-Flex Crystal can be used in many industrial areas, such as in metal construction, tanks and apparatus construction, interior and ceiling construction, in the ventilation and air conditioning industry, or in trade fair and exhibition.


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