Dry lubricant for sensitive areas

Weicon PTFE-Fluid

Weicon from Germany presents another technical spray with NSF registration - the new Weicon PTFE-Fluid.
The special dry lubricant has been developed specially for the usage in sensitive areas.

NSF H2 Registration

PTFE-Fluid has got an NSF H2 registration for the food industry and is therefore suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The spray is a fat-free dry lubricant and has an anti-adhesive effect on the basis of PTFE. It adheres to all metal, plastic and wood surfaces. Due to the high content of PTFE, friction on coated surfaces is significantly reduced. Furthermore coated surfaces are made resistant against dirt, dust and water as well as oil, grease and many other chemicals. The spray can be used in an extremely wide temperature range from -180°C to + 250°C.

Improving workplace safety

Due to its special formulation, PTFE-Fluid contributes to the improvement of workplace safety and health protection.


PTFE-Fluid can be used in many sensitive industrial areas, e.g. on slide rails and guides, on conveyor belts, conveyor rollers and chutes, on tilt mechanisms, locks and hinges of windows, on cutting tools and packaging machines, as permanent lubrication for shafts in plastic bearings, as a water-repellent coating of paper and cork seals and sealing packages and instead of separating agents containing silicone and wherever oil or grease lubrication is not permitted or desired.
The spray can be used anywhere where contact with food or its packaging is technically impossible.


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