Easy-Mix HT 180: Reliable even at high temperatures

Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180

The German manufacturer of adhesives and sealants Weicon has developed a special adhesive, which is characterized by its high temperature resistance and is thus suitable for applications in the field of powder coating – Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180.

The new adhesive is a 2-component epoxy resin system with a high temperature resistance up to +180°C (+356°F). Briefly, up to one hour, HT 180 can withstand temperatures up to +230°C (+446°F).

This resistance to high temperatures enables, for example, the bonding of components which are thermolacked (powder-coated) after complete curing of the adhesive.

Positive features

Easy-Mix HT 180 is characterized by many positive features, which makes it interesting for numerous applications.

It is highly viscous and stable and is also suitable for vertical applications. It is shock and impact resistant, has a long pot life, cures at room temperature and can be processed mechanically after curing.

The adhesive is particularly suitable for the bonding of composite materials and metal and can be spot-welded while curing.

Wide range of applications

Easy-Mix HT 180 can furthermore be utilized for plastics, ceramic, glass, stone or wood and is suitable for bondings where larger tolerances have to be bridged. Due to special fillers it is possible to achieve a constant and reliable bonding line of at least 0.20 - 0.25 mm.

The new adhesive can be used in powder coating, metal construction, light weight construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and in various areas for electrical engineering.



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