Easy stripping of network cables

Weicon Tools Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10

Weicon stripping tools allow quick and safe stripping of all common round cables.

The range of stripping tools is now expanded by a new product, which is easy to use and provides accurate results – the Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10.

Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10

The Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10 ensures safe and comfortable stripping of all common data and network cables with a diameter of 4,5 to ten millimetres.

For example, the tool can strip Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 as well as twisted-pair cables. The cutting depth does not need to be adjusted manually in order to do so.

Adapted to daily working routines

The rounded and space-saving tool head adjusts perfectly to modern socket shapes. In addition, its oblong shape allows better accessibility in deeper cavity wall boxes and in other spaces difficult to access.

The design of the blades prevents the electrogalvanized knives from clogging with coating remains.

Integrated length stop

The tool’s integrated length stop can be adjusted to the required sheath opening of network outlets and other plugs (3 - 10 cm), which makes further processing, for example of RJ45 modules, easier.

Ergonomic design and work safety

When developing the Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10, in addition to usability, aspects of ergonomics and work safety were also considered.

The ergonomic handle shape allows an easy handling of the tool and provides safe work without slipping. An integrated interlock guarantees safe storage of the tool.

All these features make daily work easier and increase the safety of the user.

The Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10 has the German TÜV-GS-certificate, is produced entirely in Germany and made from fiberglass reinforced polyamide.