Fast stripping of coaxial cables

Weicon Tools Coax-Stripper No. 1 F Plus


Weicon Tools, the tool division of the Muenster-based company Weicon, expands its range of stripping tools by the Coax-Stripper No. 1 F Plus, which is a special tool for fast stripping of coaxial cables in just one single step.


Easy to handle


The two opposite pairs of knives allow a fast and space-saving stripping process with a few gentle rotation movements. The preadjusted sheath opening is suitable for common F-screw connectors (6 / 4 mm).


Therefore, manual adjustment of the blades is not necessary, which prevents application errors from happening.


If needed, the knife inserts can be exchanged in order to be suitable for different sheath openings, such as compression connectors (6,5 / 6,5 mm).


Knife inserts with different sheath openings are available separately and can be changed easily due to a simple klick system.


The tool is also suitable for TV antenna cables RG58 and RG59), for example.


Its integrated gripping jaws make screwing F-connectors onto the cable easy and convenient.


Integrated hexagon

An open hexagon with a wrench size of eleven millimetres is also integrated into the tool, which allows the mounting and dismounting of F-screw connectors.


Particularly in narrow spaces the hexagon provides very good accessibility and can be used without further preparation.


The Coax-Stripper No. 1 F Plus has the TÜV-GS-seal and was developed according to work safety aspects. For example, safe storage is guaranteed by an integrated interlock.


The stripping tool is produced entirely in Germany, is made from fiberglass reinforced polyamide and is lightweight and robust.