Find leakages in gas pipes

Weicon Leak Detection Spray viscous

Weicon has developed another spray for finding leaks in pressure pipes – Weicon Leak Detection Spray viscous.

WEICON Leak Detection Spray viscous is used for locating cracks or porous parts in gas pipes safely and easily. The spray does not form any hazardous compounds with the gases carbon dioxide (CO2), propane, butane, acetylene, oxygen, city and natural gas, nitrogen, nitrogen oxide (N2O) and fluorinated hydrocarbon and is non-flammable.

Various application areas

It can be applied to wherever compressed air or gaseous substances are being used, for example to pipings, tubes, screw connections, fittings, valves, connections and adapters.

Easy to handle

Apply Leak Detection Spray viscous to the part you want to examine. Leaks will become visible immediately through bubbles emerging. Due to the spray’s sensitivity, even extremely small leaks can be detected.


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