Gentle Opening of sensitive Devices

Gentle Opening of sensitive Devices

Weicon Tools Multi-Opener

Muenster, March 2017 – The German tool manufacturer Weicon Tools complements its range of special tools with the Multi-Opener. The tool is
ideal for the non-destructive opening of sensitive devices and work with clipped housings, without damaging the material.

Opening, lifting off and scraping off with one tool

The new tool is used to open housing parts without scratching the sensitive surfaces. Further fields of application include dismantling components from electronic devices, levering off flush push-on connections and gently opening clipped components. The Multi-Opener also allows plinth panels to be opened easily without lever marks, while the integrated stainless steel blade scrapes off adhesive residues easily.

Suitable for many different applications

The Multi-Opener can be used in a wide range of fields. Typical devices that can be opened gently using the tool include mobile phones and landline devices, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and other hardware, televisions, Blu-Ray and DVD players, video recorders, radios, hifis, cameras and many other devices in the office and at home.

The tool is produced entirely in Germany and is made out of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide and a conductive ESD material that protects against electrostatic discharge.


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