Gentle use on sensitive materials

Weicon Tools Easy Opener


Weicon’s product range of special tools, Weicon Tools, is now expanded by the Easy Opener.


This is a special lever tool for the gentle assembly of sensitive components, for opening clipped housings and for the gentle removal of various different mounted plastic parts.


Levering and gentle opening with one single tool


Who doesn’t know this situation? You need some painting works to be done and have to remove sockets, switches and baseboards. You do the levering with a screw driver or palette knife. And that’s when it happens: The sensitive plastic surfaces are scratched and need to be replaced.


For a gentle use on sensitive surfaces, Weicon now offers the perfect solution: the Easy Opener.


This tool is made from a material which is both flexible and stable at the same time, which makes it suitable for various different applications.


For example, it removes base covers, baseboards, switches and sockets without leaving scratches on sensitive surfaces.


The tool provides three surfaces with different material thickness, which allow a flexible use on nearly all sensitive materials, such as plastic or acrylic glass.


Many areas of application


The Easy Opener can be used in many different areas. Whether in crafts, in industry or in DIY tasks – you can use this new tool everywhere.


The Easy Opener is produced entirely in Germany and made from fiberglas-reinforced polyamide.