Guests from all over the world

First international meeting at Weicon in Muenster

This week, Weicon’s international annual meeting took place at the company’s headquarters in Muenster for the first time. In the past, events like this had to be held at different locations nearby. Now the company has its own presentable new building.

Whether from Singapore, South Africa or Canada – employees working for the family-owned company flew in from all over the world in order to report on their markets and their strategies regarding the distributing of the company’s adhesives and sealants, as well as to share and exchange experiences with colleagues from all around the globe.

An overall number of 40 participants from 20 countries joined the company’s event in Muenster.

"It’s really impressive, in what areas our adhesives are being used. Whether for constructing vehicles, in buildings or in gigantic bridges – you can find our products everywhere.

During this event, we have gained valuable new input, which will help to further strengthen the Weicon brand and to unify the company’s worldwide presentation“, concluded Ralph Weidling at the end of the meeting.

The first international annual conference in Muenster was a complete success. The objectives of the event, like informing the participants about the latest products and the worldwide networking of Weicon subsidiaries with each other have been fully achieved.


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