New system for higher stability

New system for higher stability
Weicon CBC

Weicon from Germany has developed a special epoxy resin system for the shimming and back filling of difficult to be aligned systems – Weicon CBC Chocking Backing Compound.The system serves as a replacement for fittings and worn metal sheets and ensures the direct contact to foundation plates.


Many advantages

Weicon CBC offers a number of positive features. It has a low viscosity, is liquid and self-levelling. It has a long pot life of 30 minutes and hardens with almost no shrinkage. It offers a permanent high static strength and has a high resistance to ageing. The epoxy resin system has a very good adhesion on steel and concrete. It has a good compressive strength and is resistant against many chemicals, oil and fuels. It is vibration-proof and resistant against temperatures.
Due to its very low shrinkage, machinery and equipment remain constant in their orientation, after the casting of Weicon CBC.


Various usage

The epoxy resin system can be used in various application areas, like motors, gears, stabilizers, crane rails, flaps, masts, antennae, winches, linkages, equipment for deck assembly and many other components.


Advantages compared with solutions made of steel or rubber

Compared to other materials such as steel or rubber, which are also
being used for the shimming and back filling, the application of CBC is

Steel does not absorb any vibrations and causes noise. Moreover higher
wear and material fatigue will occur in the long run. Laying out rubber
must be calculated individually and precisely in terms of quantity and
strength of the material.



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