Permanent protective layer

Weicon Galva Spray

Weicon, producer of special products for industrial applications, has developed a spray, which provides a permanent protective layer for all metal surfaces – Weicon Galva Spray.

Over 450 hours of salt spray testing

Galva Spray protects metals from rust and corrosion and is fast-drying and tightly adherent. The spray is salt and fresh water-resistant and temperature-resistant up to approx. +300°C.

In the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227, metal components which had been coated with Galva Spray did not show signs any corrosion even after more than 450 hours.

Various applications

The colour of the spray matches hot-dip galvanized surfaces and is used for the repair of damaged zinc coatings. It can also be used as a high-grade anti-rust primer for painting car bodies, for example. It provides coatings for welding spots and drill points and can be used as conductive layer for spot welding.

Applying Galva Spray

First, clean and degrease all surfaces you want to coat. Shake the can well before use, until you can clearly hear the ball bearing rattle. Spray crosswise and evenly at room temperature (approx. +20°C) from approx. 25 cm.

The coating is dust-dry after approx. 15 minutes and completely cured after ten to twelve hours.


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