Protection and Safety

Weicon Threadlocking Varnish

As an extension to the WEICONLOCK product range, Weicon from Germany is offering a new product – Threadlocking Varnish.

It is a solvent-based and fast drying securing, marking and sealing varnish with good adhesion to almost all materials.
Weicon Threadlocking Varnish can serve as a removable lock, as protection against tampering by unauthorized individuals, as a cover for electrically-conductive parts and as protection against corrosion and influencing through contact. The varnish has a high mechanical strength and is durable against water, petrol, diesel, mineral oil, paraffin oil and diluted acids and lyes.

The Threadlocking Varnish is essential for locking screw connections of all kinds, protecting against manipulation and unauthorized loosening of screws and connections, documenting quality assurance measures, production control and product inspection through a varnish seal for the visual inspection of connected, adjusted parts.

It can be used in many industrial areas, e.g. mechanical engineering, precision engineering, in the automotive industry and electronics.


The processing of Weicon Threadlocking Varnish is quite simple. Surfaces must be dry, clean and free of grease.

Shake Pen before use. The varnish should be evenly applied direct from the Pen with the dispensing tip. Close Pen after using.

Threadlocking Varnish is available in the colors yellow, green and red.


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