Rust Loosener for sensitive areas

Weicon Rust Loosener Fluid

Muenster, March 2016 – Weicon from Germany extends its range of NSF registered technical sprays with another product – Weicon Rust Loosener Fluid.

It is a special physiologically harmless rust remover which is suitable for the application in sensitive areas.

Versatile in use

Due to its perfectly matched ingredients, Rust Loosener Fluid can be used in six different fields of application.
It loosens rusted and sluggish parts, screw connections, bolts, joints and hinges. The spray displaces water, e.g. from ignition systems. It ensures the function of mechanical parts and contacts, as on distributor caps or spark plugs. Rust Loosener Fluid protects against corrosion and oxidation and lubricates sliding surfaces. The spray maintains and cleans metal surfaces, metal parts and electrical equipment and penetrates into smallest cavities The spray can be used in a wide temperature range from -20°C to + 150°C.
The spray valve allows even overhead work which makes the fluid even more flexible in use.

These various features and application areas make Rust Remover Fluid to an ideal product for maintenance, repairs and maintenance in many industrial areas.

NSF H1 Registration

Weicon Rust Loosener Fluid is NSF H1 registered and can be used in the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Improvement of workplace safety

Due to its special formulation, Rust Loosener Fluid contributes to the improvement of workplace safety and health protection.


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