Sealant for sensitive areas

Weiconlock SI 303-31

For applications in sensitive areas, such as in the food industry or in the drinking water sector, Weicon has now developed a low-strength, permanently elastic pipe and thread sealant. The sealant is suitable for cold water pipes made from plastic and metal and is called Weiconlock SI 303-31.

Weiconlock SI 303-31

Weiconlock SI 303-31 is an acetate-curing 1-component silicone sealant, which has a good chemical resistance to dilute acids and bases. The sealant is suitable for plastic threads or combinations of plastic and metal and is highly resistant to tearing and notches. SI 303-31 also has a high resistance to weather conditions, ageing and UV radiation and is temperature-resistant from -40°C up to +180°C.

Particularly suited for sensitive areas

The sealant can be used in many sensitive areas, for example for sealings in the food industry, such as in dairy factories or slaughterhouses, in the beverage industry or in canteen kitchens.

SI 303-31 can be used for sealing ceramic surfaces in the drinking water section or for sealing plastic threaded connections in cold water plastic pipes.

Easy to apply

For best results, degrease all components you want to seal. Then apply SI 303-31 evenly and install the components immediately.


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