Simple smoothing of many sealants

Weicon Smooting Agent

Weicon from Germany expands its product range in the area of sealants with a product for creating smooth joints in no time – Weicon Smoothing Agent.

This is a transparent blend of non-ionic surface activators, which allows you to smooth many fresh joint sealants such as silicones, MS polymers, polyurethanes, etc. simple and clean before skin formation. Weicon Smoothing Agent should be processed in a temperature range between to +10°C and +40°C.

Suitable for many products

The new Weicon Smoothing Agent is suitable for numerous Weicon MS polymers, like Flex 310 M Classic, Crystal, Stainless Steel, Super-Tack, HT 200, 2K, Flex + Bond, Solar-Flex, Speed-Flex and Aqua-Flex. Moreover, it is suitable for Weicon polyurethanes, like Flex 310 and the new Flex 310 RLT and for various Weicon silicones, such as A, F, N, HT 300 and Black-Seal.


The usage of Weicon Smoothing Agent is very easy and simple. The package must be shaken well before use. Applicate the agent prior to skin formation undiluted on the joint or on a spatula and smooth the gap. Remove overhanging sealant immediately. Surplus Smoothing Agent should be immediately washed off with clean water.


Store the original package tightly closed and protected from direct sunlight, dry and frost-free. The storage temperature may not exceed + 50°C. The container is best kept in a cool, well-ventilated place. Opened containers should be tightly closed and be consumed as quickly as possible.


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