The all-round adhesive for plastics

Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7300

The manufacturer of adhesives and sealants Weicon from Germany has developed a new adhesive that is especially suitable for bonding different types of plastic – Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7300.

It is a fast curing, solvent free structure and construction adhesive based on MMA (methyl methacrylate).

The adhesive has a high-strength and a high viscosity. It is impact resistant and withstands both static and dynamic loads.

Special fillers (glass beads), which have been added to the product, ensure a consistent bonding line of approx. 0.25 millimeters. The adhesive allows a maximum gap-bridging of one millimeter.

Bonding of plastics

The adhesive adheres perfectly on a variety of plastics and has a high adhesive strength. High-strength bondings are possible even in the case of low-energy plastics which are difficult to bond, such as PE or PP.

“RK-7300 is a universal multitalent when it comes to the bonding of a wide variety of plastics", says Holger Lütfring, Product Manager at Weicon.

The application of the new adhesive is not limited to the permanent bonding of various plastics. Its high viscosity characteristics also permits material pairing with different expansion coefficients, such as plastic with aluminum or steel.

Many applications

The adhesive is particularly suitable for use in the plastics processing industry. RK-7300 can also be used in a variety of applications, including other areas, such as mechanical engineering or rail vehicle construction.



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