Universal adhesive for many applications

Universal adhesive for many applications
Weicon Multi-Flex

Weicon from Germany has developed a universal adhesive which is suitable for applications in many areas – Weicon Multi-Flex.

Multi-Flex is characterized by a number of positive features. Thus, the adhesive is extremely fast-curing, has a strong adhesion, is elastic, flexible, weather-resistant, aging-resistant and UV-resistant. It is free of silicones and isocyanates, odorless and non-corrosive.

The new 2-component adhesive and sealant is based on MS polymer and is suitable for full-area and stress-compensating bondings – both indoors and outdoors.

Suitable for almost all materials

Multi-Flex is suitable for almost all materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, glass or ceramics. With the new adhesive, these different materials can be easily bonded with and among each other.
Multi-Flex is suitable for both rough and smooth surfaces.
By using Multi-Flex, damage to the surfaces to be bonded is prevented.
The bonded parts are highly loadable after curing, although the adhesive remains elastic and cushions impact loads.

Universally applicable

Multi-Flex is universally applicable and can be used in many sectors of the industry, crafts and also in household and hobby.

The adhesive is suitable for all applications where fast fixing is required, which cures in a short time and remains elastic.

For example, Multi-Flex can be used for small installations or repairs in the sanitary area. Quickly a soap dispenser is installed or a broken tile replaced by a new one. Another application is the mounting of an LED strip in a badly illuminated area or as indirect lighting in order to provide a pleasant light.

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