Universal problem-solver for moving parts

Weicon Pneuma-Lub

Compressed air equipment and accessories require reliable lubricants and protection against corrosion. To meet these needs, the manufacturer of special products Weicon offers a special technical spray that combines the required properties in one product – Weicon Pneuma-Lub.

Lubricant - corrosion protection - high content of PTFE

As a lubricating and corrosion protection agent, this product is the universal problem-solver for all moving parts in pneumatic equipment and accessories. Its special product formula with a high content of PTFE makes it a multi-purpose product for many applications: lubrication, corrosion protection, cleaning, water displacing and conservation.

Pneuma-Lub not only serves in installation or maintenance of pneumatic equipment and accessories but also can be used on pneumatic tools in operation. The excellent weathering resistance allows the use also in other sectors, e.g. in the on and offshore industry. The temperature resistance of the spray ranges from -50°C (-58°F) to +210°C (+410°F)

It can be used without any problem even under extreme weather conditions – in Siberia in the deepest winter or under the hot desert sun of Dubai.


Pneuma-Lub is suitable for the usage in many different applications. It lubricates and loosens seized pneumatic valves of engines and other parts. The spray displaces moisture in compressed air systems and accessories. It ensures long-term lubrication and also keeps the inside of the compressed air system clean. Pneuma-Lub protects and preserves pneumatic equipment, even under extreme conditions, and keeps it operational.

The spray can be used in road construction, in workshops, in vehicle construction, in open pit mining, in the extraction of raw materials, and wherever pneumatic tools are used.

Easy to use

Spray Pneuma-Lub during installation, maintenance and repairs. Spraying is possible even on running equipment while observing safety regulations. The spray can also be used with blocked compressed air devices and accessories. Leave to react after spraying.

In most cases, the functionality of the devices can be restored.


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