Weicon Emergency Repair Kit


Weicon Emergency Repair Kit

The solution for repair and maintenance work on the high seas


Weicon now presents three different Emergency Repair Kits for the maritime industry. The producer of technical adhesives and sealants responds to the increased demand at the nautical market and offers a wide range of products for emergency repair and maintenance work aboard, bundled in three different sets.


Prepared for every situation

In case of a technical incident on the high seas, due to a defect pipe or machine, the Emergency Repair Kit is ready at hand. The damage is easily eliminated and the ship can safely arrive at the next port.

The Repair Kits differ in the range of included products: From most common emergency and maintenance cases covered by Kit 1 up to complex repairs covered by Kit 3. All sets are listed in the IMPA and ISSA catalogues.


The basic equipment

 In every Kit contained are the Plastic Metal types Weicon A and Weicon SF, both approved with a certificate of Germanischer Lloyd. The special epoxy resin systems withstand extreme situations like permanent contact with salt water or salty air. They are suitable for the repair of leaky pipes and castings as well as cracks on machine parts.


In addition the Repair Stick Aqua, particularly designed for underwater applications, is available in all sets. The ceramic-filled two-component sealant is ideal for quick repairs on damp and wet surfaces and can be used for repair and sealing of cracks, holes and leaks.


Furthermore a special compiled Tool Box completes all sets. Equipped with utensils like cutter, brushes, wire mesh or self-welding butyl tape, the material can be easily processed.


Service inclusive

 Weicon provides the Emergency Kits with all necessary dangerous goods declarations. With this in the set included service, the customer gains maximum benefit with minimum work and is well prepared for an emergency on the high seas.



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