WEICON Rust converter

Rust converter and base coat in one process
Weicon Rust Converter

Muenster, March 2017 – Weicon Germany has added a product to complement its range of technical sprays, a product that is ideally suited for the neutralization of rust – the Weicon Rust Converter.

The Rust Converter is based on epoxy resin and forms with the neutralized rust layer a metallic-organic iron complex. The special epoxy resin stabilizes the layer, protecting in this way metals from external influences. The resulting black layer serves as base coat and is the basic layer for subsequent permanent coatings.

The spray efficiently neutralizes rust on corroded cast iron and steel surfaces. It has a strong opacity, excellent penetrating properties, protects from corrosion and is suitable for internal and external use.
The spray is temperature-resistant up to +80°C (short-term < 15 min. to +160°C), has a good weather and UV stability as well as an excellent solvent resistance. WEICON Rust Converter is free from heavy metals and mineral-acid and neutral in odour.

Many applications

WEICON Rust Converter can be applied on all rusty parts, e. g. machines and plants, agricultural equipment as well as motor vehicles. The spray can also be used as a protective, preventive layer.

Areas of application for the new Rust Converter are, for example, plants in the petrochemical industry, in metal construction, in steel construction, in the offshore sector and in many other repair and maintenance works.

Operating instructions

The surfaces have to be dry, clean and free from dust, oil and grease.
Remove loose rust, grease, dirt and paint residue with the aid of a wire brush, grinding discs, etc. Remove the grinding dust and clean the surface, for example with WEICON Surfer Cleaner.
Carry out three or four spray cycles at a distance of 25 to 30 centimeters, observing an evaporation time of three to five minutes between the cycles. After approx. two hours, the layer is cured completely and the top coat can be applied.

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