• 10700005    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596078980
    • liquid
    • mineral-filled, wear-resistant
    • temperature resistant up to +180°C (356°F)


The epoxy resin system WEICON GL provides high abrasion resistance and serves as wear protection for heavily used surfaces. It is flowable, has a high initial strength, is mineral-filled, and resistant to chemicals. The epoxy resin system is particularly suitable for lining heavily stressed pump casings, as wear protection for slide bearings, chutes, funnels and pipes and for the repair of castings, valves and fan blades.

The product can be used in mechanical and plant engineering, in equipment engineering and many other areas of industry.

WEICON GL is also well-suited for creating a system structure in combination with WEICON Ceramic BL. Due to the different colours of the two wear protection systems, the degree of wear can be easily determined during visual inspections.