Citrus Cleaner, Liquid

  • 15210005-35    |    PU: 12
    • Cleaner and degreaser on the basis of citrus essences


WEICON Citrus Cleaner is a universal cleaner based on citrus peel extracts. It cleans machines and systems, precision engineering components and precision mechanisms in industry and small trades. Citrus Cleaner easily removes adhesive residues, contamination due oils, greases, resin and tar, lubricants as well as rubber residues and -abrasion. The product can even be used for contamination caused by pencils, ballpoint pens and felt pens.

WEICON Citrus Cleaner cleans the most diverse surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or painted and lacquered surfaces*. Citrus Cleaner can be used universally and, for example, in industry and small trade, window construction, public facilities and means of transport, construction companies and in the household.

*For safety reasons, the material compatibility should first be checked on a non-visible area.