Epoxy Resin Putty

  • 10500100-35    |    PU: 1
    • Kneadable Universal Repair Compound


Epoxy Resin Putty is a putty, mineral-filled, and temperature-resistant up to +200°C (+392°F). It is processed with a mixing ratio of 1:1 and is machinable and overpaintable after curing.

It adheres to metal, wood, glass, rubber, ceramics, concrete and most plastics. It is resistant to petrol, oil, ester, saltwater and most acids and lyes.

Is suited for the sealing of pipelines and tanks, the fastening of screws and hooks, the reconditioning and repair of castings, the rebuilding of shafts, slide bearings, pumps and housings, the renewal of defective threads, the production of templates and models and for repair works on aluminium, light metal and injection moulded parts.

It can be used in machine construction, tool construction, model and mould making, and in many other industrial applications.