Food-Grade Silicone Spray

Food-Grade Silicone Spray

  • 11351400-35    |    PU: 1
  • 4,02E+12
    • Sliding and Release Agent for the Food and Bererage Industry
400 ml

Food-Grade Silicone Spray is a special, physiologically harmless sliding agent and lubricant for sensitive areas. It has an NSF H1 approval for the food industry, and can therefore be used in the foods and beverages industry and in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

It also can be used as release-, protective- and care agent on the most different surfaces like plastics, metal, stainless steel and rubber.

It has a durable and good surface quality and is temperature-resistant up to +250°C (+482°F). Due to its special formula and the resulting NSF H1 approval, WEICON Silicone-Fluid is used to improve workplace safety and health protection.