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Epoxy Minute Adhesive Epoxy Minute Adhesive
  • Liquid Clear 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive Syringe
Easy-Mix S 50 Easy-Mix S 50
  • 5 Min. Viscous Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Easy-Mix S 50 yellow Easy-Mix S 50 yellow
  • Visual casting compound, solvent-free, fast-curing, shock-resistant, impact-resistant, high adhesive strength
Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive
  • Pasty Fast-curing Epoxy Adhesive Syringe
Easy-Mix HT 180 Easy-Mix HT 180
  • high-temperature resistant
  • steady
  • shock and impact resistant
Easy-Mix Metal Easy-Mix Metal
  • 5 Min. Viscous Structural Metal Epoxy Adhesive
Aluminium Minute Adhesive Aluminium Minute Adhesive
  • Highly-filled, paste-like, gap-filling, fast-curing, high peel and impact strength
Easy-Mix N 5000 Easy-Mix N 5000
  • 20 Min. Liquid Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Easy-Mix N 50 Easy-Mix N 50
  • 45 Min. Viscous Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Easy-Mix HT 250 Easy-Mix HT 250
  • high thermal conductivity | good temperature resistance | long pot life