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Contact VM 120 Contact VM 120
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for metals
  • medium viscosity
  • slower curing, a short-term realignment of parts is possible
Contact VA 250 Black Contact VA 250 Black
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for special requirements
  • rubber-filled, high viscosity
  • high temperature resistant
Urethane 80 Urethane 80
  • A 80 Shore Hardness Flexible Rubber Coating
Easy-Mix N 50 Easy-Mix N 50
  • 45 Min. Viscous Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Fast-Bond Fast-Bond
  • fast-curing
  • one-component structural and assembly adhesive for universal use on polyurethane basis (PUR)
Repair Stick Aqua Repair Stick Aqua
  • For Damp and Submerged Repair Applications
Repair Stick Stainless Steel Repair Stick Stainless Steel
  • non-corrosive, fast cure
  • stainless steel-filled
  • NSF approval, can be used in drinking water aereas
7 From 7