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Brushable Zinc Paint Brushable Zinc Paint
  • efficient cathodic corrosion protection
Brushable Zinc Coating Brushable Zinc Coating
  • Repairs of galvanized surfaces
  • colour to match hot galvanized surfaces
Workshop Cleaner, Liquid Workshop Cleaner, Liquid
  • free of solvents and phosphate
  • bio-degradable
Label Remover, Liquid Label Remover, Liquid
  • simple
  • fast
Electro Contact Cleaner, Liquid Electro Contact Cleaner, Liquid
  • cleans and degreases electronic or mechanical components
Fast Cleaner Fast Cleaner
  • Cleaner and degreasing agent for sensitive areas
Plastic Cleaner, Liquid Plastic Cleaner, Liquid
  • degreases and cleans sensitive surfaces
Mould Cleaner, Liquid Mould Cleaner, Liquid
  • Cleaner on the basis of highly active organic solvents
Rust Converter Rust Converter
  • Rust converter and base coat in one process
Leak Detection Spray viscous Leak Detection Spray viscous
  • for detecting leaks on pressure pipes
  • DIN-DVGW-tested
Mould Release Agent, Liquid Mould Release Agent, Liquid
  • silicone-free sliding and release agent
Metal Fluid, Liquid Metal Fluid, Liquid
  • universal use
  • cleaning, care, protection
Aluminum Paint Aluminum Paint
  • effective
  • abraison resistant
Power Cleaner S, Liquid Power Cleaner S, Liquid
  • degreases and cleans all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
Leak Detection, Liquid Leak Detection, Liquid
  • non-flammable
  • non-corrosive
  • does not cause skin irritation and DIN-DVGW-tested
Parts & Assembly Cleaner, Liquid Parts & Assembly Cleaner, Liquid
  • specially developed cleaner with a high flash point (> +60°C/+140°F of the agent)
Citrus Cleaner, Liquid Citrus Cleaner, Liquid
  • Cleaner and degreaser on the basis of citrus essences
Brake Cleaner, Liquid Brake Cleaner, Liquid
  • multi-purpose cleaner, especially for the automotive sector
Surface Cleaner, Liquid Surface Cleaner, Liquid
  • Pretreatment of bonding surfaces
Corro Protection, Liquid Corro Protection, Liquid
  • Corrosion protection for indoor storage and overseas shipment of metals
Stainless Steel Care, Liquid Stainless Steel Care, Liquid
  • antistatic effect
Leak Detection Spray frost-proof Leak Detection Spray frost-proof
  • for detecting leaks on pressure pipes
  • Frost-proof up to -15˚C
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