Belt Dressing Spray

Belt Dressing Spray

  • 11511400-35    |    PU: 1
    • For Highly-stressed Power Transmission Belts
400 ml

Belt Dressing Spray is a transparent belt coating based on synthetic elastomers for the most diverse types of heavily stressed drive belts.

It increases the service life, prolongs the durability of machines and systems, prevents belt slip, transmits the full drive capacity, eliminates and prevents squeaking, penetrates deep into pores, increases the effectiveness of the tensile strength, increases friction and promotes adhesion, prevents static charging, ensures suppleness and protects against ageing.

It is suitable for many different types of belts made from all common materials such as fabric, leather, rubber or PVC. It can be used for V-belts, link belts, drive belts, flat belts, round belts, toothed belts, transmission belts, ribbed belts or conveyor belts.

It is particularly suited for all types of drive belts in machines, aggregates, compressors, pumps, generators, conveyors, mills, pillar drills, and cooling units. The product can be used in many industrial sectors.