Dashboard & Trim Care

Dashboard & Trim Care

  • 11400400-35    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596022488
    • care product for the automotive interior
400 ml

Dashboard & Trim Care is a water-rejecting care product for all plastic and rubber parts in motor vehicle interiors. The permanent invisible protective film prevents contamination and creates an easy-care, dust repelling silky shine.

It refreshes dull and weathered plastic. Rubber does not crack and remains supple and elastic.

It eliminates squeaky and creaky noises, and cares for dashboards, inside cladding, all plastic and rubber parts, leather, wood, and chromium, and car roofs covered with synthetic leather.

It prevents door, window and boot seals from freezing, and is used as a lubricant for seatbelts, seat guides, sunroofs, window guides, door locks and wherever greasy soiling can be caused.