Spray-on Grease, white

Spray-on Grease, white

  • 11520400-35    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596022112
    • All-Purpose Grease Spray
400 ml

Spray-on Grease White is a multi-purpose sprayable grease with an outstanding adhering strength and excellent aging and pressure resistance.

The addition of special wearreducing and corrosion-inhibiting additives allows it to achieve temperature stability from -20°C to +150°C (-4 to +302°F) in combination with a long service life. As with transparent products, a visual inspection is possible at all times.

It can be used for the long-term lubrication of rods, gearwheels, rollers, ball bearings, hinges, guides and all types of joints and couplings in many industrial applications.