Alu Grinding Release Spray

Alu Grinding Release Spray

  • 11451400-35    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596022426
    • Improves Grinding Performance by 350%
400 ml

Alu Grinding Release Agent works like a cooling lubricant and separating agent during the grinding process. It lowers the temperature at the contact point and forms a silicone-free anti-adhesive layer on the abrasive material.

It avoids a clogging, and the pores of the grinding media remain open. Free of silicone for ease of painting.

It greatly increases the tool life of an abrasive disc and the grinding performance can be increased by up to 350%.

It can be used in all abrasive materials on foundations such as fiber wheels, sheeting, endless grinding belts, sleeves, orbital sanders, and special machines.