Company Guideline

Company Guideline

WEICON is a family-run company in its third generation. In order to retain the entrepreneurial success of WEICON GmbH & Co. KG and to continuously expand it, the Management has developed the following quality guideline. The satisfaction of our customers and employees has been our trademark for more than 70 years and the most important objective for WEICON.



It all started in Muenster in 1947. Since then, we have been on a continuous growth path. Not only do we operate nine international branches in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy, but we also collaborate with partner companies in more than 120 countries worldwide.



WEICON stands for products of the highest quality - and there is a reason for that. We regularly test our chemical products and our tools with the utmost care in order to maintain our high quality standards. For only a good product ensures satisfied customers. And that’s what matters to us!

Company Guideline experts


We know what we’re doing. Our professional know-how is one of our hallmarks and the most important precondition for our success. We provide our new team members with training by the IFAM (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials) in Bremen to become specialists in the field of adhesive technology.

Company Guideline environmental awareness

Environmental Awareness

For our WEICON TOOLS packaging, we resort to cardboard rather than plastic. With our chemical products, we take great care to ensure that only ingredients are used that comply with occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection guidelines. So in general, the chemical industry and environmental protection are not incompatible. We also focus intensively on the sustainable use of adhesives.

Company Guideline employees


We are a team! And we place great emphasis on a relaxed and respectful atmosphere - from our apprentices to the company management. Yet not just the flat organisational structure, but also the many benefits and company events ensure that all team members at WEICON feel respected and appreciated.

Company Guideline innovation


We often deal with individual application solutions. Which means that we often have to and want to come up with new ideas in order to meet our customers’ individual requirements. Probably our greatest pride in terms of innovation so far: our WEICON Pen System, a user-friendly packaging for 1-component adhesives.

Company Guideline integrity


Four times in a row now (2019/2020/2021/2022), we’ve been awarded the title "Top Employer for Medium-Sized Companies” based on a ranking presented by Focus-Business. Yet surely the greatest proof of our high employee satisfaction is our low staff turnover rate. Many of our team members even spend their entire working life at WEICON, sometimes up to 50 years.

Company Guideline corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

WEICON is aware of its social responsibility and actively supports social as well as sporting projects and events. This includes, for example, donations for schools, children's homes or DKMS typing campaigns, but also sponsoring sports clubs and cultural events.

Company Guideline customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world, it feels like everything needs to be done faster and faster. But we at WEICON still take the time to provide an excellent service. Together with our customers, we look for customised solutions - with expert know-how and a lot passion. Because we believe that nothing matters more than satisfied customers - and that requires not only great products, but also great advice and service!



We are active on many social media platforms. This presence is just as important to us as trade fairs, brochures or our own website. Because we know: Many customers today look for information on social networks. Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or WhatsApp – we are always available online.



Our apprentices are our future. That's why we impart our expertise with heart and soul, provide professional training, give them creative freedom for their own projects and help to build up tomorrow’s experts. After successfully completing their apprenticeship, we offer our apprentices the prospect of a full-time position in our company.



For us, adhesives are like an invisible companion that imperceptibly holds the world together. Whether in large industries or our familiar four walls, whether at work or on the road - our products are used everywhere every day and contribute to innovative solutions and technical progress. No unattractive weld seams, no unnecessary weight - adhesive bonding is the joining technology of the 21st century.