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52880001.jpg Starter Set Pro
  • Standard equipment for craftsmen
30542150.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 305-42
  • medium viscosity
  • medium strength
  • disassembly with normal tools
16100185-35.jpg GMK 2410
  • Permanent Elastic and Humidity Resistant
Plastic Metal HB 300 Plastic Metal HB 300
  • Steel-filled Putty High Temperature Resistant Repair Epoxy
52000035.jpg Cable Scissors No. 35
  • Cutting
  • Stripping
  • Crimping
11012400-35.jpg Rust Protection 2000 PLUS
  • 20+ Years Corrosion Protection
26000045-35.jpg Anti-Seize Silver-Grade Paste
  • reliable protection against corrosion seizing and cold welding
11500400-35.jpg Chain & Rope Lube Spray
  • Exceptional Adhering and Creeping Properties
10550024-35.jpg Epoxy Minute Adhesive
  • Liquid Clear 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive Syringe
30638150-35.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 306-38
  • medium viscosity
  • high strength
  • hard to disassemble
27000400-35.jpg Anti-Seize Silver-Grade Spray
  • reliable protection against corrosion, seizing and cold welding
10450010-35.jpg Plastic Metal HB 300
  • Steel-filled Putty High Temperature Resistant Repair Epoxy
15205005-35.jpg Workshop Cleaner, Liquid
  • free of solvents and phosphate
  • bio-degradable
11202500-35.jpg Power Cleaner S Spray
  • Cleaner and Degreaser for all Metals, Glass and Ceramics
11217400-35.jpg Citrus Cleaner Spray
  • Citrus-based Cleaner and Degreaser
10531057-35.jpg Repair Stick Aqua
  • For Damp and Submerged Repair Applications
15251005-35.jpg W 44 T, Liquid
  • multifunctional oil with multiple effects
30000090-35.jpg Plast-o-Seal®
  • permanently plastic universal sealant
  • solvent free with no unpleasant odour enables immediate assembly
10533057-35.jpg Repair Stick Steel
  • Fast-curing Steel-filled Repair Putty
10565050-35.jpg Easy-Mix RK-7000
  • 15 Min. Structural Acrylic Adhesive
13608310-35.jpg Speed-Flex® Crystal
  • crystal-clear adhesion
15200005-35.jpg Power Cleaner S, Liquid
  • degreases and cleans all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
15750005-35.jpg Bio Tap, Liquid
  • cutting oil for all types of steel
30270150-35.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 302-70
  • medium viscosity
  • high strength
  • hard to disassemble
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