History and Innovations



Flat and Round Cable Stripper

The Flat and Round Cable Stripper is a universal cable stripper that can be used for both flat and round cables. The tool was designed for flat cables up to a width of 18 mm and for round cables with a diameter of 6 to 13 mm.


Renaming of the company Jeln GmbH to WEICON Production GmbH

Wire Stripper No. 5 Pro

For all common stranded and solid conductors

After revising the classic WEICON TOOLS Wire Stripper No. 5, the No. 5 Pro with a new working range and a new design was launched. The stripping tool boasts a large working range and can therefore be used in a wide variety of areas. The automatic wire stripper is suitable for stripping all standard flexible and solid conductors from 0.2 to 16 mm².


Acquisition of the company Jeln GmbH 

Green Line

Sustainable Stripping Tools

WEICON TOOLS Green Line – the world’s first stripping tools made from up to 97 per cent renewable and recyclable raw materials. The Green Line comprises a total of fourteen different tools ranging from cable strippers and wire strippers to multifunctional stripping tools.


Expansion of the adhesive range with focus on epoxy resins 

Award “Supplier of the Year 2021” in the field of Adhesive Bonding Technology


Expansion of the headquarters in Münster

Expansion of our training laboratory

Reddot winner

Ann-Katrin Weidling joins the company management

Precision Wire Stripper S

Precision Wire Stripper S

Award-winning design
Precision Wire Stripper S wins Red Dot Award

Our Precision Wire Stripper S has been awarded the Red Dot Award 2020 for product design. 
The Red Dot award is one of the most internationally renowned seals of quality for good and thoughtful design. With the special stripping tool, very fine wires and conductors can be processed quickly and easily.


WEICON has been exhibiting at Hannover Messe for 60 years

First place top employer among medium-sized companies 2019


 Completion of the expansion of the headquarters in Münster

Foundation of WEICON Italia S.r.l. in Genova

Innovation Cat Cable Stripper No. 10

Cat Cable-Stripper No. 10

Especially for data and network cables

Enables safe and comfortable stripping of all common data and network cables. The ergonomic handle shape makes the tool particularly easy to handle. The rounded and space-saving tool head is precisely adapted to the geometry of modern cavity wall boxes.


Innovation Stripper No. 1 F Plus

Coax-Stripper No. 1 F Plus

Stripping of coaxial cables in one single step

The tool enables a quick and easy stripping of coaxial cables in just one single step. Various knife inserts with different sheath openings are available for the No. 1 F Plus, which can be changed easily due to a simple click system.



 Completion of the expansion of the headqarters in Münster

Foundation of WEICON Ibérica S.L. in Spain

ISO certification


 Foundation of WEICON Czech Republic s.r.o. in Teplice

10 year WEICON Pen-System

Beginning the expansion of the headquarters in Münster

Innovations_Quadro-Stripper No. 16

Quadro-Stripper No. 16

Ergonomic design
The latest model by WEICON

Stripping and dismantling of all conventional round cables from 8- 13 mm ø, hook blade and stripping range are integrated. Fast and easy longitudinal cut due to optimized cable routing in the housing.

Integrated stripping area for all flexible and solid conductors with the cross-sections 0.5 mm², 0.75 mm², 1.5 mm², 2.5 mm², 4.0 mm² and 6.0 mm². Retractable hook blade; can be locked firmly in any position; easy to exchange.


Innovations WEICON CBC

CBC Chocking Backing Compound

This product has been especially developed for chocking and backfilling equipment difficult too align. The epoxy resin system serves as a substitute for adapters and worn steel plates, and ensures direct contact with the base plates.



NSF Line

In the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, particularly high hygiene standards must be met. For the cleaning, care and maintenance of machines and systems in these sensitive areas, we have developed special products that meet these high requirements – the WEICON NSF Line.

Innovation NSF


The WEICON App is published

Foundation of WEICON South East Asia in Singapore



Do you know our WEICON App? It was developed to make all our product information, documents, photos, videos and news from the world of WEICON available to you at any time. That way, you can find what you need fast, free and easily. The WEICON App is supplied with new data on a daily basis and is thus always up to date.



First edition of the WEICON complete catalogue

The Adhesive Finder goes online

WEICON participates in 52 exhibitions in Germany and abroad

Innovation Adhesive-Finder

Adhesive Finder

With our Adhesive Finder it is possible to quickly and easily find the appropriate WEICON Adhesive for your own application. This can be done by setting out the frame conditions in a simple manner with the help of some selection suggestions such as the respective materials and temperature range. Then you will be directed to a selection of suitable WEICON Adhesives.

Adhesive Finder

Innovation Adhesive-Finder


Foundation of WEICON SA Pty Ltd in Muizenberg, South Africa


Foundation of WEICON Romania in Targu Mures, Romania

First edition of the WEICON News



The WEICONLOCK types AN 301-38, AN 301-48, AN 301-65 and AN 301-72 belong to the White Line. This line fulfils the increased requirements in the area of health protection and safety at work.

Due to their chemical composition, they can also be used in sensitive production areas.

Innovation Pen


Innovation Stripper S 4-28 Multi

Cable Stripper

With our S-line, we have developed an entire product family of cable strippers. These products consist of a stripper with an additional hook blade, a version with integrated voltage detector and a cable stripper which features an additional stripping function in the housing. With the S-line, we therefore provide the right tool for all requirements!

Innovation Cable Stripper S 4-28 Multi


Foundation of WEICON Kimya Sanayi in Istanbul, Turkey

Set-up of the WEICON online shop


Enlargement of the company premises by acquisition of a new 15,200pm lot

Innovation 310M 2K

Flex 310 M 2K

With the MS-Polymer Flex 310 M 2K, we have developed a strong two-component adhesive that can be processed with a classic cartridge press.


 WEICON becomes member of the German Adhesive Association (IVK)

Innovations Solar-Flex


We have developed the special adhesive Solar-Flex for the secure mounting of solar and photovoltaic systems. In 2009, a solar system was installed on the roof of the WEICON company buildings using the flexible adhesive and sealant.


Foundation of WEICON Inc. in Kitchener, Canada

Innovation PE-PP 45

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45

Especially for the structural bonding of low-energy plastics, we have developed a high-strength adhesive that enables process-safe working – WEICON Easy-Mix PE-PP 45.


Patent for the WEICONLOCK Pen-System

Extension of the headquarters at Königsberger Straße in Münster

Innovation Pen-System


The WEICON Pen System is our patented packaging for 1-component adhesives. The pen is shaped like a writing utensil and thus has an ideal ergonomic shape. This guarantees the simple and user-friendly dosage of the adhesives and clean processing.

Innovation Pen-System


Innovation Alu Grinding Protection

Alu Grinding Protection

WEICON Alu Grinding Protection works like a cooling lubricant and separating agent during the grinding process. It lowers the temperature at the contact point and forms a silicone-free anti-adhesive layer on the abrasive material. The tool life of an abrasive disc when machining aluminium is usually only approximately 30 minutes in normal operation. Using WEICON Alu Grinding Protection, the tool life can be increased by up to 350%.


Foundation of WEICON Middle East LLC in Dubai U.A.E.


Start of the cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institute (IFAM)


 Change of name from P.W. Weidling & Sohn to WEICON GmbH & Co. KG


German Federal Award for WEICON Duo-Crimp No. 300 as an outstanding innovative achievement

Ralph Weidling takes over the company management

Innovation No. 300

Duo-Crimp No. 300

Federal Award 2000 for outstanding innovational performances

Using the Duo-Crimp No. 300, both crimping and insulation stripping are possible; in addition, the product features a side cutter.

Using the WEICON Duo-Crimp No. 300, insulation can be stripped from conductors and wire ends can be crimped. Using the automatic scanning system, no adjustment to the cable cross-section is required. The insulation stripper has an optical length scale of 8 – 20 mm and is suitable for all conventional flexible and solid conductors between 0.5 mm² - 6.0 mm².


Innovation Flex+Bond


WEICON Flex+bond is a 1-component, permanently elastic adhesive and sealant which is highly flexible in use and which provides high adhesive strength.

The product is suitable for bonding nearly all materials, such as metal, wood, plastic ceramic or glass. The adhesive is weatherproof, UV-resistant, free of silicones and can be both polished and painted.


Start of the cooperation with company Willteco B.V. from Netherlands

First Off-Shore project: Securing of the transport of an oilrig in Portugal

Innovations WEICON C

Transport of an oil platform with WEICON C

WEICON Plastic Metals are 2-component epoxy resin systems suitable for fast and permanent repairs, adhesions and coatings.

One unusual area of operation for WEICON Plastic Metal are transport locks for mobile oil platforms. We are in fact the only provider of this patented method of transport worldwide. Our Plastic Metal is used to protect the extendable steel legs of the platforms against damage during transport. Using WEICON Plastic Metal as a safety measure, the platforms can be transported faster, more safely and without malfunctions from one location to the next.


Innovations RK-1300 RK-1500

RK-1300 und RK-1500

Development of extremely strong metal adhesives, which are processed by the no-mix method and were also launched on the market in small containers for the first time – WEICON RK-1300 and RK-1500.


New building of the company headquarters at Königsberger Straße 255 in Münster


Ralph Weidling joins the company

Introduction of WEICONLOCK Anaerobic Adhesives


New building of the company headquarters at An der Kleimannbrücke in Münster


Introduction of the new product line Stripping Tools


Gerd Weidling takes over the company management


Relocation of the company to Schleebrüggenkamp in Münster


First participation in the Hanover Exhibition


First participation in the Mining Exhibition in the German city of Essen


Gerd Weidling joins the company

The company changes to a limited partnership


Relocation of the company to Engelstraße in Münster


Foundation of P.W. Weidling & Sohn