Ceramic Anti-Spatter Spray

Product number: 10061826


Content: 0.4 L ($143.28* / 1 L)


high-temperature-resistant release agent | protective coating for MIG/MAG welding processes

WEICON Ceramic Anti-Spatter Spray is a high-grade release agent and lubricant, which is suitable for extremely high pressures and temperatures. The spray is a ceramic protective coating for MIG/MAG welding processes. It forms an anti-spatter dry film, which prevents the adhesion of welding spatter. That way, welding tips and gas nozzles are protected. The use of the spray minimises downtimes and interruptions in the production process to clean the welding equipment. Ceramic Anti-Spatter spray is silicone-free. It protects welding heads on welding robots, welding tips and gas nozzles as well as sensitive equipment, cables, sensors etc. against the adhesion of welding spatters. It is also suitable for applications in plasma and laser cutting, brazing, aluminium extrusion, the foundry industry, sinter metallurgy, the glass industry and high-temperature furnace construction.

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