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Activator F Activator F
  • to shorten the curing time for WEICONLOCK
Urethane 80 Urethane 80
  • A 80 Shore Hardness Flexible Rubber Coating
Contact Protection Spray Contact Protection Spray
  • Dispels Moisture & Prevents Voltage Loss
Glass fibre cloth tape Glass fibre cloth tape
  • improved adhesion and compressive strength
Epoxy Mixing Propeller Epoxy Mixing Propeller
  • Stainless Steel
Copper Spray Copper Spray
  • High-Grade and Effective Copper Coating
Bio Lube Spray Bio Lube Spray
  • High-Purity Medical White Oil Lubricant
Metal-Fluid Spray Metal-Fluid Spray
  • For the Food and Beverage Industry
Easy-Mix N 50 Easy-Mix N 50
  • 45 Min. Viscous Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Fast-Bond Fast-Bond
  • fast-curing
  • one-component structural and assembly adhesive for universal use on polyurethane basis (PUR)
Extension piece for WPS 1500 Extension piece for WPS 1500
  • Plastic extension
Pump Dispenser Standard Pump Dispenser Standard
  • solvents for 500 ml and mineral oil-free WEICON agents
Repair Stick Aqua Repair Stick Aqua
  • For Damp and Submerged Repair Applications
Repair Stick Stainless Steel Repair Stick Stainless Steel
  • non-corrosive, fast cure
  • stainless steel-filled
  • NSF approval, can be used in drinking water aereas
Wire Stripper No. 5 Wire Stripper No. 5
  • Saves space by locking the wire stripper
Dosing Tips Dosing Tips
  • punctually
  • exactly
  • sparingly
Pump Dispenser Special Pump Dispenser Special
  • for 500 ml WEICON Cleaner S, Brake Cleaner and Rust Remover
Urethane 85 Urethane 85
  • A 85 Shore Hardness Flexible Rubber Coating
Wire Stripper No. 5 Classic Wire Stripper No. 5 Classic
  • Automatic wire stripper for all common stranded and solid conductors (0.2 – 6.0 mm²)
  • integrated, well-accessible side cutter up to 2 mm Ø
  • precise working thanks to optical length scale (5 -12 mm)
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