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10563860.jpg RK-1500
  • Structural No-Mix Acrylic Magnet Bonding Adhesive
10410005.jpg Plastic Metal ST
  • Metal-filled Viscous Stainless Steel Repair Epoxy
Urethane Color Paste Urethane Color Paste
  • Special Coloring Paste for WEICON Urethanes
10350005.jpg Plastic Metal WR2
  • Mineral-filled Pasty Wear Resistant Epoxy Coating
10440005.jpg Plastic Metal UW
  • Mineral-filled Pasty Underwater Repair Epoxy
10400005.jpg Plastic Metal BL
  • Mineral-filled Liquid Extreme Wear & Temperature Resistant Epoxy Coating
10450010.jpg Plastic Metal HB 300
  • Steel-filled Putty High Temperature Resistant Repair Epoxy
10110030-35.jpg Plastic Metal CBC
  • High Performance Chocking & Grouting Compound
10564050-35.jpg Easy-Mix RK-7200
  • Crystal-clear Structural Acrylic Adhesive
10536057-35.jpg Repair Stick Plastic
  • For Plastic Repair Applications
10650050-35.jpg Easy-Mix S 50
  • 5 Min. Viscous Structural Epoxy Adhesive
10550024-35.jpg Epoxy Minute Adhesive
  • Liquid Clear 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive Syringe
10538057-35.jpg Repair Stick Stainless Steel
  • non-corrosive, fast cure
  • stainless steel-filled
  • NSF approval, can be used in drinking water aereas
10518005-35.jpg Urethane 80
  • A 80 Shore Hardness Flexible Rubber Coating
10450010-35.jpg Plastic Metal HB 300
  • Steel-filled Putty High Temperature Resistant Repair Epoxy
10200005-35.jpg Plastic Metal F2
  • Aluminum-filled Viscous Repair Epoxy
10532057-35.jpg Repair Stick Wood
  • For Detailed Wood Repair Applications
10537057-35.jpg Repair Stick Concrete
  • fast cure
  • ceramic-filled
10531057-35.jpg Repair Stick Aqua
  • For Damp and Submerged Repair Applications
10534057-35.jpg Repair Stick Aluminium
  • Fast-curing Aluminum-filled Repair Putty
10533057-35.jpg Repair Stick Steel
  • Fast-curing Steel-filled Repair Putty
10565050-35.jpg Easy-Mix RK-7000
  • 15 Min. Structural Acrylic Adhesive
10300005-35.jpg Plastic Metal WR
  • Steel-filled Liquid Wear Resistant Epoxy Coating
10566050-35.jpg Easy-Mix RK-7100
  • 5 Min. Structural Acrylic Adhesive
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