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Corro Protection, Liquid Corro Protection, Liquid
  • Corrosion protection for indoor storage and overseas shipment of metals
Multi Foam Spray Multi Foam Spray
  • Powerful Universal Foam Cleaner
Copper Spray Copper Spray
  • High-Grade and Effective Copper Coating
Metal-Fluid Spray Metal-Fluid Spray
  • For the Food and Beverage Industry
Fast-Bond Fast-Bond
  • fast-curing
  • one-component structural and assembly adhesive for universal use on polyurethane basis (PUR)
Repair Stick Aqua Repair Stick Aqua
  • For Damp and Submerged Repair Applications
Wire Stripper No. 5 Wire Stripper No. 5
  • Saves space by locking the wire stripper
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