Round Cable Stripper No. 13

for stripping all common round cables, working range 6,0 - 13,0 mm Ø

Product number: 10006883


Content: 1 PCE ($29.37* / 1 PCE)

Non-slip and safe working thanks to ergonomic handle shape

WEICON Stripping Tools enable the fast and safe stripping of all common round cables. The product range of stripping tools includes different types, which provide easy handling and accurate results. • Stripping without adjusting the cutting depth The round cable stripper No. 13 enables fast and convenient stripping of all common round and wet room cables with a diameter of 6-0 - 13.0 mm (e.g. NYM cables 3 x 1.5 mm² to 5 x 2.5 mm²). Adjusting the cutting depth manually is not necessary. The new working range is thus also suitable for smaller wire diameters from 6 mm, such as 3 x 0,75 mm². • ergonomics Thanks to the ergonomic handle shape, the tool is particularly comfortable to use. The distinctive handle ensure that the round cable Stripper No. 13 provides a safe, non-slip grip. This helps to make daily work easier and also improves work safety. • optimal access The rounded and space-saving tool head perfectly matches the modern wall box geometry. The longer shape makes access even easier when stripping in deep-set cavity wall boxes and spaces difficult to reach. • durable blades Due to the new blade arrangement, clogging of the electro-galvanised knives due to residue of cable sheaths is prevented. • precision For possible small series or for producing wires with the same strip length, a length stop is integrated in the housing. The length stop can be placed in the range from 3 to 10 cm in steps of 0.5 cm • Safe storage A fastening clip ensures safe storage.. • quality – 100% made in Germany Made of robust, fibreglass-reinforced polyamide. High-grade knife steel made in Solingen and thus durable blades.

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