W 44 T, Liquid

multifunctional spray with 5-fold effect

Product number: 10022421


Content: 5 L ($24.99* / 1 L)

Multifunction oil with compound action

WEICON W 44 T® is a multifunctional product which combines corrosion protection, water repellency, lubrication, conservation and cleaning in a single product due to its special formula and outstanding capillary action. It loosens seized up screw connections, bolts, fittings and valves, and penetrates and dissolves rust. It repels humidity from electrical contacts, prevents leakage currents, and makes it easier to start wet motors. W 44 T® is also suitable for use as cutting oil for drilling and cutting processes. The oil eliminates squeaky and creaky noises on hinges, guides, bearings, and all types of joints and couplings. WEICON W 44 T® cleans soiled metal surfaces and leaves a long-lasting razorthin film, which does not smear or stick and does not attract dust. It protects and maintains all types of tools, machines, and electrical and mechanical precision devices.

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Adapter for WSD 400
Adapter for WSD 400
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Adjusting Valve for cans
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Pump Dispenser Special
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