LWL Fibre Tube No. 2

Tool for stripping special buffer tubes on fibre optic cables

Product number: 10062188


Content: 1 PCE ($44.88* / 1 PCE)

precisely cuts the PE tubes on fibre optic cables I fast stripping of the loose tubes I modular pair of blades for fibre optic tubes

The stripping tool Fibre Optic Tube No. 2 has been specially designed for quick access to the optical fibres in loose tubes in buffer tubes from 1.2 mm to 4 mm diameter. It is suitable for a wall thickness of 0.15 mm to 0.6 mm. With the knife in the module and a special insertion point, the buffer tube can be conveniently put through the handy tool. This gives the user fast and process-safe access to the optical fibre in no time at all. The knife in the stripping tool easily cuts the buffer tube (e.g. made of PE) and the user can simply bend the tube without damaging the sensitive glass fibre. If necessary, the insertion point and the knife in the half-shells can be replaced or renewed as modules.

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