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11151400-35.jpg Rust Shock Spray
  • Freeze and Release Agent
15205005-35.jpg Workshop Cleaner, Liquid
  • free of solvents and phosphate
  • bio-degradable
11202500-35.jpg Power Cleaner S Spray
  • Cleaner and Degreaser for all Metals, Glass and Ceramics
15251005-35.jpg W 44 T, Liquid
  • multifunctional oil with multiple effects
15200005-35.jpg Power Cleaner S, Liquid
  • degreases and cleans all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
11150400-35.jpg RLC Spray
  • 6-fold function
11210400-35.jpg Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray
  • Cleans and Degreases Electronic and Mechanical Components
11202400-35.jpg Sealant & Adhesive Remover Spray
  • Removes Adhesive Residues and Gaskets
11350400-35.jpg Silicone Spray
  • sliding and release agent
15350005.jpg Silicone, Liquid
  • sliding and release agent
11300400-35.jpg PTFE Spray
  • grease-free
  • excellent sliding properties (non-stick)
11201500-35.jpg Parts & Assembly Cleaner Spray
  • specially developed cleaner with a high flash point (> +60°C of the agent)
15211005.jpg Parts & Assembly Cleaner, Liquid
  • specially developed cleaner with a high flash point (> +60°C/+140°F of the agent)
15213005.jpg Sealant & Adhesive Remover, Liquid
  • removes residues of cured sealants and adhesives
15212005-35.jpg Electro Contact Cleaner, Liquid
  • cleans and degreases electronic or mechanical components
Rostumwandler Rostumwandler
  • Rust converter and base coat in one process