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O-Ring Bonding Set O-Ring Bonding Set
  • for the manufacture of sealing rings
13303310-35.jpg Flex 310 M® Classic
  • suitable for universal use
30000090-35.jpg Plast-o-Seal®
  • permanently plastic universal sealant
  • solvent free with no unpleasant odour enables immediate assembly
30270150-35.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 302-70
  • medium viscosity
  • high strength
  • hard to disassemble
30243150-35.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 302-43
  • higher viscosity
  • medium strength
  • disassembly with normal tools
12600030-35.jpg Contact VA 250 Black
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for special requirements
  • rubber-filled, high viscosity
  • high temperature resistant
30577150-35.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 305-77
  • high viscosity
  • medium strength
  • disassembly with normal tools
12050030-35.jpg Contact VA 100
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for rubber and plastics
  • medium viscosity
  • slightly longer curing
13051310-35.jpg Black-Seal
  • extremely resistant against oil and grease
16200690.jpg GMK 2510
  • High Strength, Permanent Elastic and Temperature Resistant